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Petzl Seat Harness Navaho C79000
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Jual Petzl Seat Harness Navaho C79000

Spesifikasi Petzl Seat Harness Navaho C79000

From the fall protection exerts at Petzl the SIT harness provides secure and comfortable fall protection for anyone performing rope access work. Designed and built by the personal protective equipment ( PPE) experts at Petzl, the SIT is a reinforced harness for prolonged periods of rope access work.

Features of the SIT:
A stiffened waist support belt provides extra comfort when performing rope access work.
Lateral attachments to the harness help distribute your weight evenly and keep you balanced while working.
The SIT is fully compatible with the NAVAHO TOP, which allows you to utilize the pair as a full body harness for rope access and work positioning.
Easy to put on and take off with DoubleBack self-locking buckles on the waist.
The SIT features equipment loops ( capable of holding 22 lbs. each) and one optional CARITOOL loop that can hold 33 lbs.

Providing complete comfort the SIT is great for cellphone tower engineers, riggers, tower maintenance workers, wind turbine technicians, construction workers and anyone else regularly working at heights for extended periods of time.

Part Numbers:
C79000 1A: Size 1
C79000 2A: Size 2

* Please Note: The Petzl Navaho Sit harness is also available with FAST automatic buckles. Please contact customer service for ordering information.

NAVAHO SIT FAST in black: C790FN 1A, C790FN 2A

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